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Thanks to the selfless army who responded to the call to arms!

We want to say a huge thank you to all the amazing people who, at the end of March, put their hands up to help in the call to arms in the then-looming fight against a Covid-19 explosion.

In a situation unthinkable merely weeks before, we worked hard to build a database of nurses to support our DHBs, health care facilities and Healthline in response to the emerging pandemic.

We were blown away by the overwhelming response and selfless willingness to return to help bolster New Zealand’s health services in what could have been their most challenging hour.

At the same time that we received this response, we began entering into conversations with the NZ Ministry of Health as they started to identify the areas where they would most need help from our Registered Nurses, Registered Mental Health Nurses and Midwives.

The Ministry entered an intense period of preparation, as precise needs around getting registered nurses working in the community were determined. It was also an intense period of waiting for our volunteers and double thanks is due them for their extraordinary patience and calm, as we all waited to see if our sudden lockdown would be enough to flatten the curve.

As it became increasingly clear that our national response was working, the need to activate the volunteer army lessened, and we have all found ourselves in the remarkable position, at the end of April 2020, as being one of the few countries around the globe who have so emphatically crushed the curve.

Thanks again to the volunteers for the support and trust they gave to Tonix Health Recruitment over this time, as we contacted every individual enquirer and processed their information with care. Our team feels privileged to have met so many of you through the internet and over the phone.