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Current Status of Health Employment Opportunities in New Zealand

Current status of health employment opportunities in New Zealand

August 3, 2020

We would like to further update you all on where New Zealand is currently positioned in terms of offshore nurses securing both employment to work in our hospitals and supporting visas to enter New Zealand.

NZ Employment Opportunities within our Hospitals

It continues to be an unprecedented time for everyone. We have been extremely fortunate here in New Zealand in terms of Covid being contained. Given this, we have seen a lot of our own New Zealand health care professionals returning home and this has meant that many of the jobs available currently in our hospitals are being filled by them. This has impacted on our ability to recruit offshore nurses into positions within the hospitals that would have typically been available to our international candidates.

In saying that, there are opportunities for senior nurses, particularly those with current NZNC Registration and APC who have skills within mental health and perioperative. Hospitals are also requesting CV’s for midwives and ODP’s/Anaesthetic Technicians.

NZ Immigration

Up until this week, NZ Immigration Policy has been that only those overseas nurses that have a start date prior to 31 August 2020, on their valid New Zealand job offer, are eligible to enter the country. We are in communication with NZ Immigration and believe an announcement will be made shortly regarding an extension on this date. We will keep you updated.

Click here for the NZ border news:

We Welcome Our Latest Arrivals

We are very excited to have had wonderful nurses, CSSD Technician’s & ODP’s arrive into New Zealand over the previous month. Please check out our Facebook page and to read testimonials on the journeys of the Pardos from Singapore, Suzie from Wales and Cherry from Ireland.

We hope this message finds you and your family and friends safe and well.

We look forward to keeping in touch.
Kate Nattrass, Annie O’Donnell, Kate Armstrong