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NZ Border Exceptions

Queenstown is waiting

August 13, 2020

Changes to Current NZ Border Exceptions for Essential Health Workers

New Zealand Immigration has today announced that the August 31, 2020 start date deadline for job offers for overseas essential health workers is to be extended to December 31, 2020, which is great news and we are very aware many of you have been patiently waiting for updates about this. For more information on this policy change please follow this link:…/border-closures-and-excep…. The relevant information comes under the Critical Health Worker section.

NZ’s Covid-19 Status

On Tuesday this week our 102 day Covid-19 free run in the community unfortunately came to an end, with the announcement of 4 new confirmed community cases in one Auckland cluster. As of today, there are 13 active cases now associated with that cluster. The government has moved quickly and decisively to put Auckland into Level 3 lockdown while the remainder of the country is now in Level 2 lockdown. Contact tracing of all the cases has been undertaken in an effort to pinpoint the source and also to shut down further transmission but it is inevitable that in the coming days the numbers will rise before they can be contained again. The Ministry of Health website is current in terms of news around this:…/dis…/covid-19-novel-coronavirus.

Managed Isolation Charges

Essential health workers coming into NZ on a temporary entry work visa are now being charged for their compulsory 2-week period in a managed isolation facility, which they go into on arrival into NZ. The charges are $3100 for the first person and $900 for a partner, plus $475 per child between 4-17 years of age. The principal visa holder is invoiced for these charges when they leave isolation and they have a 90-day period to pay this charge.

We have spoken to a number of NZ health employers and while most have agreed that they will pay either part of this charge (or in some cases all of it) there are some employers who have said they aren’t in a position to pay it and that the health worker will have to pay quarantine costs for themselves and their families. If you have concerns about this, please speak with your recruitment consultant who can advise you if and where there are job opportunities relevant to your skill set and what this might mean in relation to manage isolation charges:…/charges-for-managed-isolation/.

Updating your Recruitment Consultant

We appreciate that some of you have been working with us pre-Covid-19 and understand that for a number of you, your NZ plans will have changed. We would be very grateful if you could update us on the status of your plans. That way we are fully aware of your circumstances.

As per our most recent Facebook post which you may have seen, there are opportunities for senior nurses, particularly those with current NZNC Registration and APC who have skills within mental health and perioperative. Hospitals are also requesting CVs for midwives and ODPs/Anaesthetic Technicians.

Covid-19 has impacted on the number of roles available in NZ due to many NZ health workers returning home and filling vacant roles. Once again this is something you can discuss with your consultant who can update you on your specific situation.

Take care, stay safe and we look forward to hearing from you
Kate Nattrass, Annie O’Donnell, Kate Armstrong

Photo credit: Julian Apse | Location: Cecil Peak, Queenstown