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Postcards from… Ōtepoti Dunedin

In this new series, we’re asking some of our current candidates to send a virtual postcard from where they are…

We have huge appreciation for Jo for sharing her story so openly and honestly. It’s not always easy settling into a new place, but as Jo discovered; community is everything – and our mission is to help you find yours. 

“I came to New Zealand because I needed a new adventure. I had finally got my degree and the chance to go somewhere completely different and try something new. I’ve worked for years with foreign nurses, who are miles from home and figured that I would give that a try.
So many people have praised me and told me how amazing I am for making such a huge move by myself without ever having been to the country before and not knowing anyone there. It didn’t feel like such a big deal to me, just another new and exciting adventure 
I’m a pretty independent person, and I love my own company, but it turns out that even I have my limits on how much time I can spend with myself…turns out, it’s 5 weeks! I’ve never been so happy to get to work in my life!
The people I have met in NZ have been great, friendly, helpful… I can’t fault them at all. I had some stress trying to sort things out, and everyone I had to deal with was super helpful and understanding. 

My work colleagues were really friendly and happy to help me learn the ropes, I laughed with them on my first day… that never happens! I feel like I’ve known them forever, and not just 6 weeks
This is a beautiful country and I have seen some amazing views and gorgeous beaches, it’s stunning…but even with so much to feel positive about, I suffered really badly with homesickness. I never expected it to happen, and I never expected it to be as bad as it was. It hit me out of nowhere and knocked me off my feet. I nearly gave up and went home over night.
I’m not very good at opening up to people and admitting I have a problem, but this was getting too much. I reached out to a Facebook group of Brit’s and to Kate from the Tonix team. And I was blown away with the support, admiration and understanding that I received from complete strangers. It was very humbling and I felt so much better straight away – once I knew it wasn’t just me.
Kate at Tonix has been absolutely amazing… and so patient with me, trying to help solve any issue that might make me feel better. I’d have been lost without her support, and I’ll be forever grateful.
I still feel homesick, and it still comes from nowhere, but I feel I’m in better control of it now. And even though I haven’t decided if I’m going to stay or go back home, I still feel I have people who care (here and there) and that no matter what I choose to do, I still did an amazing thing by trying in the first place. And have still had the most amazing adventure, half way around the world that has changed me for life.