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Tom put his hand up!

Tom is a neonatal nurse practitioner who, last weekend, celebrated a year of retirement (having retired in 2019) and considers himself lucky to be self-isolating in the most beautiful country in the world. He’s been in touch and has offered his support in whatever way he can.

Yesterday Tom enjoyed a vitamin D booster while stretching his legs on a sparsely-populated Takapuna beach. The photo above is a record of a particularly tranquil view looking up at the trees, a welcome moment of respite during a global pandemic.

Moments like these are particularly centering considering the challenges back in his bubble—the most recent session of Rummikub with his wife resulted in a humbling four out of five games loss (however, the shame of this defeat was somewhat mitigated by a solid Canasta win)!

Thanks for enlisting to help Tom, and for sending the photo in. Don’t give up on the games, you’ll find your good form! Take care and savour those little moments.