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An update for nurses wanting to secure work in New Zealand

Kia Ora - Welcome to New Zealand

We appreciate that the last 3 months has been an unprecedented time for many of you during the Covid-19 pandemic. As such, we would like to update you all on where New Zealand is currently positioned in terms of offshore nurses securing both employment and visas to enter our country.

NZ Registration

This process has not been adversely affected by Covid-19 and the teams at our registration boards welcome your applications. If you need further information around the registration board relevant to your profession, please let us know.

NZ Employment Opportunities within our Hospitals

It’s been a very unusual time for everyone, in particular our hospitals, who have had to manage this acute pandemic. Given this, employment has been at a standstill up until now, and not a priority. However we are starting to see some movement within both the public and private hospitals which is encouraging. As a nation, our first priority is to employ New Zealanders into nursing roles.

We anticipate that over the next two months, and as we head into winter, a focus will be made to resume recruiting off shore. We look forward to continuing to support all our wonderful overseas health professionals with New Zealand registration. We appreciate that many of you are very keen to either make New Zealand your home or to experience life in NZ for a year or two, so please be reassured that we are working hard to support your applications at every opportunity.

NZ Immigration

Up until this week, NZ Immigration Policy has been that only those overseas essential health professionals that have a start date prior 30 June 2020, on their valid New Zealand job offer, would be able to apply to enter the country. As of Wednesday this past week, NZ Immigration have announced the extension of the border exception process through to 31 August 2020 which is fantastic news:

The First Arrivals

We are very excited to have had our first theatre nurses arrive into New Zealand this weekend from overseas under this new Immigration policy. They are now in two weeks of quarantine which is supported by the NZ Government, following which they will commence work in their new roles in Auckland. In the next two weeks we are expecting an ODP and Mental Health nurses.

We hope this message finds you and your family and friends safe and well – we look forward to keeping in touch!