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American sonographer

American sonographer

I would like to share with you what has been one of the most magical events of my life, and how Tonix helped make it happen so beautifully for me and my family!

One year ago, I was a sonographer in the U.S., grappling with my lifelong dream of living abroad someday. A recent visit to New Zealand had left me absolutely enchanted and wondering about the possibility of making it a new home for us. I knew that the fresh natural beauty and pleasant and humble Kiwi culture would suit my husband and daughter’s personalities wonderfully.

As I researched opportunities and commenced the credentialing process, I encountered the website for Tonix and decided to call to ask about what may be available. From the moment Kate picked up the phone, she was a joy to work with, and set a positive and enthusiastic tone for our search that made our entire process together very enjoyable and rewarding. When I told her that I was seeking full-time work ideally at a teaching hospital, she truly listened to me and remained dedicated to that very vision – so much that only a few days later, en route to her holiday, she emailed me from the airport to tell me about the perfect opportunity that matched what I had in mind!

In the weeks that followed, Kate transcended timezones and continents on her holiday to ensure my new prospective employer and I remained connected as we determined that we would be suitable for one another. When I made a decision to fly out to New Zealand to see the hospital and city of Dunedin for myself, Kate very kindly arranged for multiple staff members from the hospital to welcome me and show me around on very short notice. Meeting the lovely staff and seeing this wonderful city convinced me that it would be the perfect new home for me and my family.

I am pleased to share that now nearly a year later, this impression has absolutely proven to be true! I thoroughly enjoy my job – my colleagues are wonderfully talented and knowledgeable, and are truly vested in encouraging one another to grow. Kate was kind enough to even offer some leads to help my husband find work as well, and it wasn’t long before he found a job for himself. My daughter is perhaps the one most delighted of us all about our new life here – she adores her bright and sunny new school, teachers, and friends, and her newfound excitement is amazing for me to witness as a mother.

I look back at the past year in amazement and can’t believe that only one year ago, this was all just a distant dream from a faraway land that started with a fateful phone call. We are now here and it is a reality.

What I have learned is that when you have a vision for what you’d like in your life and are ready to make it possible, you may encounter the perfect person who carries exactly what you seek.

Kate and Tonix will forever be in our hearts with immense gratitude, as the very picture of professionalism, dedication, and Kiwi kindness!

Kia ora 🙂