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Ben Waite – ED RN

Finding a job in New Zealand seemed like an un-achievable task, but after making contact with Kate, things began to flow. From the beginning, she provided me with very helpful information regarding what needed to be done before applying for jobs here in New Zealand such as my NZ Nursing Council Registration. I can not stress how long this can take as well as the fact that your documents need to be posted to NZ from your home country. I gave Kate a list of cities that I was interested in getting a job, along with the specialities that that I had in mind. Contact was made with the North Shore Hospital in Auckland and I received an application form. Shortly after submitting this I was told that I had passed through to the interview stage and would get one in the coming weeks. So, after 2 long days work in a busy ED I sat down at my computer and awaited the Skype interview, such a strange situation (for me anyway) sitting there at 22:00 while it was 09:00 there the next day, in my suit, talking to people on the other side of the world. The interview went well and after a week or so I was told that I had got the job.

Throughout all of this Kate dealt with my constant questions with great professionalism and very quick turn around. She really did keep me going, in times that I thought I’d never get my registration, she kept my spirits up and on many times fought my corner when things were getting dramatic. Even a few times building me back up after a melt down or 2 on the phone after hearing from the NZ Nursing Council that my application was not quite right (for the fourth or fifth time).

Following on from what I have said above. At the beginning of this piece, you will be told that your NZ Nursing Council Registration will take a while, for me it took a good 2 1/2 months, admittedly some of that was my fault. But do go through everything with a fine tooth comb. For instance the one that tripped me up was all of the extra information that I’ve never had to include with a reference, there is list of information about the referee and yourself that has to be included, along with them saying how awesome you are and why they think you should get the job over many others. This was especially an issue for one of my references who had hand written his. And, I know I’ve said it before, but bare in mind that if a document needs changing or adding to and it has to be an original, it has to be sent a long way and could take a long time. This is why I would advice the NZ registration be done before applying for jobs.

Fast forward 4 months, my partner and I have most definitely settled in to Auckland. It is a great hub from which you can explore the beauty that Is New Zealand. The jet lag took us about a week to shake off, it’s a bit like being on a string of night shifts, but eventually things will normalise. There are many expats in New Zealand, the first morning that we were here we were served breakfast by an Irish girl, all that far from home and she was from the country next door. You may find New Zealand to be more on the expensive side, possibly when you go shopping for food for the first few times, but once the conversion rate is worked out, and for me the wage is higher, it does begin to normalise. Oh and anyone out there thinking of coming to New Zealand, asking for a pint in a pub here, it will vary wherever you go, so just nod and smile, British pints are a rare rare thing…