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Cecile and Francis – Operating theatre nurses in Hamilton

Tonix met with Cecile in London on a couple of occasions over the past five years, as we planned and supported her recruitment to New Zealand with her husband Francis and their daughter Chiara. Cecile and Francis are both senior theatre practitioners who have worked in the operating theatres at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital based in Birmingham.

The family arrived into Auckland last month, came out of MIQ and then went straight into a level four lock down in Hamilton.  They are so happy to be here and fulfilling a long-time dream to live and work as operating theatre nurses at Waikato DHB, based in Hamilton.

Cecile writes… ‘It’s been a busy week for us still trying to find furniture for our house and at the same time starting our orientation at Waikato DHB.  Chiara is settling well in school and we celebrated her first NZ birthday this week, which was a happy day for us all. Thank you so much for all your support’.

We’re so happy to have you all with us in NZ Cecile and thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos of you and your family exploring Hamilton.  We wish you all the very best!