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Tonix Testimonials - real success stories

Christal Morrison

My fiance and I decided to set out on our first overseas work adventure together in 2007. Tonix made our move from Edmonton, Canada to New Zealand completely painless!! We even brought our dog with us from Canada (but that’s a whole other story).

Knowing nothing about the process, I thought we had better start planning early.

We began 7-8 months ahead of time – and I came across Tonix on the internet. After one email I was in phone contact with the team and they were on top of things from the beginning!

I simply requested critical care employment in “the hottest part of New Zealand”, not knowing anything about the cities and only the basic geography (- we knew where Auckland was!) We had never travelled to New Zealand and were literally starting from scratch.

Tonix got me on track with nursing registration and all the other paperwork (heaps of paperwork). She found me a job in a surf town…with a fantastic beach culture! – and we could not be happier. I am now working in the Tauranga Hospital ICU/CCU.

We own a surf board and two fishing rods, our car has sand on the floor (but we don’t care!) ; and I know what “jandals” are, what a “ute” is, and how to use “sweet as…” in a sentence. I have eaten a Feijoa, and worn possum mittens. We have settled in very comfortably.

Tonix was helpful from the beginning to the very end of the process. And despite the time zone challenges, I appreciated the emails and phone calls to keep me up-to-date on the process.

When it all began I was not sure if I needed to use an agency or not, but now I am really glad I did. And I also made a friend, which is even better.

Thanks! Sincerely,

Christal Morrison and Pierre Myner, & Winston