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Christopher Cole – RN BSN

I wanted to write to thank you for your help during my recent attempt to transfer my nursing license from the United States to New Zealand.

After consideration I decided that now was not the time to move to New Zealand. Though the nursing council offered for me to do clinicals in New Zealand for the possibility of getting a nursing license this option is not possible for my family and I. I had hoped that my appeal would be understood by the council and my qualifications given merit but the whole process was not meant to be.

Your assistance, encouragement and support were incredible. Thank you. From the initial phone interview to the email follow ups I felt you were committed and professional. In the future should I attempt to move to New Zealand again I will definitely consider working with you to help secure employment.

My wife and I worked for 18 months to move to New Zealand so the difficulties with the nursing council were heartbreaking. However, I feel that the present economic climate had a role to play. When the economy gets better I may try once again to move to New Zealand and work as a nurse. In the meantime I will work on getting more experience and qualifications in hopes of trying again in the future.

Thank you Linda for all your assistance and encouragement.