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Conquering New Zealand Amid Covid-19

Conquering NZ amid Covid-19

👫 Gwendelene and Jaimie are two of the first nurses to enter NZ under the current border exception policy. They recently came out of quarantine and have hit the ground running as they embark on their new life in NZ. Here’s their story:

“My husband and I have managed to secure NZ operating theatre jobs last year through Tonix with the help of Kate. We are working at different Auckland hospitals but the thought of coming to NZ together at the same time was such a big bonus. I was granted an Essential Skills Work Visa while my husband was granted a Partnership Work Visa.

On 20th March this year, we were supposed to leave Singapore for NZ. However to our surprise, the NZ border was locked down the day before our departure! It was really a disaster for us but we were lucky because our application for a Variation of Condition on our existing visa was approved and extended. We hoped to fly to NZ on 1st May but Singapore Airlines cancelled the flight a week before our due departure date which brought us back to zero again.

However we never lost hope. I carefully sourced out the options we might have and a transit through Sydney from Singapore-NZ was the best possible way at that time. After complying with the necessary documentation (including transit visas and exemptions for Australia), we were so blessed to leave Singapore on May 29th reaching NZ the following day. No words can describe our feelings when we finally set our foot here. 🛬 🎉 🍾

The struggle was indeed real but the journey that we had was amazing and worthwhile! We spent our first two weeks in NZ in quarantine which we left just under a week ago.

To date, my husband has commenced work at Brightside Hospital while I will report next week to Ascot Hospital.

Everyone was so happy to see us after the long wait. We were so delighted with the warm welcome and kind words from our hospital managers during our initial meet-ups.

To Kate and her team, our heartfelt gratitude for standing by us throughout our ordeal. You have supported us wholeheartedly from start to finish and we have finally reached our new home.”