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Tonix Testimonials - real success stories

Del Roberts

I work in mental health in the UK, but felt that I needed a change of scene, and working in New Zealand was always a dream for me. Tonix agency came highly recommended to me by a colleague who had used them in the past when he moved to New Zealand. After my initial contact Kate was in touch quickly, offering advice and, more importantly, listening to my wishes and preferences.

Kate found a position for me in Auckland, and after I was offered the post, she and the Tonix team have been an immense source of support for me through some difficult times. Moving abroad to work will never be an easy thing to do, but the transition has been made easier with the help of Kate. She was able to liaise with my employers, professional bodies and immigration services with knowledge, experience and a sharp acumen that put me at my ease and immediately made me trust her. What also became clear was the trust that the personnel from these agencies also had in her, and the respect with which she was held.

There will always be snags and unforeseen problems when emigrating, including red tape, and, in my case there were even delays due to an earthquake. However, at each turn Kate and the team kept me informed, and advised me of the next steps. I am glad Tonix was recommended to me, and I would definitely use them again. I would recommend them to anyone because of their professionalism, knowledge, experience, friendliness, and because they get the job done. In fact, the friend who recommended them to me in the first place intends to use them again when he returns to New Zealand later this year.
Del Roberts