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Dyna – Theatre Scrub RN

Dyna - Theatre Scrub RN

Dyna is a theatre scrub RN who trained in the Philippines and was working in Singapore. Tonix recently recruited her and she arrived in Auckland to be joined shortly after by her family. 

“I am great and doing good at work, my theater coordinator is so supportive to me and my husband, by the way my husband started work last Monday in my surgical team as a CSSD tech.

The team is so supportive especially Michelle. Kiwis are so polite and warm, we managed to find an apartment in Ellerslie Panmure highway for only NZ$480 per week which is quite cheap and the house is kinda big and three storey with a garage.

We met an agent while looking for a house and she helped us get settled and find a nice house.

Thank you Kate for your help to me and my family we are happy we moved here. Life here is so family oriented and most people are friendly and New Zealand has gorgeous scenery.”