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Felix Over – RGN, Wellington

I am a British Nurse who has recently moved to Wellington with the assistance of Tonix. The Tonix team have been fantastically helpful with all aspects of finding work and moving to New Zealand. Their friendly efficient team were always on hand to assist with questions and always kept me up to date on any new developments. The process of obtaining New Zealand Nursing registration and a work visa took quite a long time and involved a lot of paper work but Tonix was always there with advice and assistance just one E-mail away. I am just starting my third week in Wellington Hospitals Emergency Department and I am loving it. Wellington is such a beautiful city, a far cry from crowded London where I came from. I am really glad I came here, and I am already making plans to explore New Zealand further. I would recommend Tonix to anyone thinking of coming to New Zealand to work. I am really glad I chose them they made things so easy.