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Hilary Rimmer

My partner and I, along with our two daughters, came to New Zealand five years ago this September. We decided after Peter was made redundant from his job and it was winter in England (Southport) to move abroad, to look at other jobs and countries. Also feeling that we could give our girls a better life. We chose New Zealand, then I contacted several agencies to find nursing positions, nothing really happened for a year and we almost gave up, but decided to try one more agency which was TONIX HEALTH RECRUITMENT, a nice lady called Kate rang and said she had a interview set up for the next day, which went ahead and I was offered a job. Joy, excitement and terror ran through me all at the same time. We sorted out all our things in England and left England with seven suitcases, arriving in Auckland on the 18th September 2004. And we have not looked back since.

Wairoa is where I was offered the job. It’s a small rural town with the most beautiful, welcoming people. There are these hills all around us which the local say protect us and that’s how I feel when I look at them.

It was a big adjustment to life, nursing is the same but being a small hospital means friendlier people, and you don’t get lost. Patients are the same but different as they are so friendly and try to help you, even though it’s them that need the help at the time. We have our dream now, own a house on two acres, which has had a multitude of animals though ,sheep ,cows, pigs, chickens and dogs’ plus a goat and if my daughter gets her way a horse to be added soon .

When we finish school and work we can just pop down to the river which runs though Wairoa or to the beaches there are several to pick from or we can go up to the lakes which are most beautiful and clean where we catch trout. Hunting in abundance, Peter just got his first stag, big BBQ after that with all our friends and neighbours.

Did I mention the wonderful weather, not too hot but not cold, never had to put my washing in the dryer Ha-ha.

Hilary Rimmer and Family –