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Tonix Testimonials - real success stories

Jeff McCue – RN Timaru

Tonix is a wonderful, friendly, and committed health recruitment agency, dedicated to providing clients with job opportunities that suit their personal needs, interests and abilities. The process of relocating to a different country for work can be intimidating, it can be stressful, and challenging. However, with the guidance of Tonix, this process was enjoyable! The Tonix team provided me with valuable advice, services, and exceptional guidance throughout the entire time I was trying to obtain employment as a registered nurse in New Zealand. The Tonix staff were always available when I had questions, and I felt like the team at Tonix genuinely put the well being of their clients first. This ability possessed by Tonix, to care for their clients individually was a very unique and reassuring attribute to see in a business. I can honestly say that my experience with Tonix was everything that I expected and hoped for, it was great. I feel lucky to have selected Tonix health recruitment agency, and with Tonix’s help, I was able to attain a great nursing job, while also finding the lifestyle that I was dreaming of here in this beautiful country of New Zealand. I am happy to call the generous people at Tonix my friends.