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John Paul Martin

John Paul Martin - Success Story

Previously, I was working in Waterford, Ireland as a Ward Nurse. At first, I was excited to start a new life and job overseas, especially receiving a salary much higher in comparison to where I originally came from, the Philippines. However, I never expected the amount of work and pressure I would be facing. I was handling 10 to 12 patients during my 12 to 13 hrs shift with up to 1 hour unpaid overtime due to handover and unfinished documentation. Imagine endorsing 12 patient’s complete medical history, plans, etc… that would certainly consume your time.

I was exhausted, sad, and unsatisfied with my job and I think the gloomy and cold weather was affecting my mood as well. The distance back home is also an issue for me, travelling for 20 hrs is draining, and flights are expensive. I wanted a change, but it became apparent that it wouldn’t be happening in Ireland. So, I decided to apply here in New Zealand with the help of TONIX.

I have never regretted moving here. Auckland is alive, warmer, sunnier, and fun. The work that TONIX gave me is what I was exactly looking for. I can be a NURSE. I have established rapport with my patients and colleagues and feel safe practising my profession.

Thank You KATE! And TONIX team!