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Karam Sachdeva

Testimonial from Karam Sachdeva

Tonix met Karam during one of our annual interview sessions last year in Manchester. This is when we discussed career options in New Zealand and the process of moving to the other side of the world with her husband and two school-aged boys. From that moment, we all went on a journey and eventually Karam and her family decided to make the move. Here is the latest update: 

“It has been the best decision emigrating here, to New Zealand as we are absolutely in love with the country.

We are settling down nicely, having moved into the house on 15th, and since then have then been trying to fill it up with homely things from kitchenware to furniture etc… It feels great to start everything fresh.

The kids are also back to school and they are flourishing as well as, having made lots of new friends. They been very excited throughout the move process and helped us in their own little ways.

Homesickness is better as we now have the motives in life. It was not easy finding a house and other things, but it’s all starting to come together. I’ll be starting work from 1st of July and will be meeting my manager tomorrow prior starting of work which will be great.

Hope so we will meet again and hope your mission on finding the right candidates always be successful. Tonix, you have directed us in the right direction and the paths you have shown are truly fulfilling.

A very big thank you to your team from all of us.”

If you’re interested in making the move from the UK to New Zealand or know someone who does, then please get in contact with us. Karam was placed in the Starship Hosptial based in Auckland, one of the places where we have many opportunities to fill.