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Karin Vogelesang – Wellington

I have a great time in Wellington and especially at Southern Cross Hospital! My colleagues are almost all my age and all just started working. So everybody is motivated, helpful and willing to do stuff outside work. It’s a very small hospital with all different kinds of surgery what makes it very interesting for me. Some days I see plastic surgery and the next day it can be orthopaedics, eyes or whatever you can imagine.

And I enjoy Wellington after working hours of course. It’s a great city with lots of things to do. I’ve started running with one of my colleagues and go often to the gym (luckily my jeans fits again!). And I enjoy the cinema’s restaurants and bars of. I live in a beautiful house with a fantastic view with two kiwi flatmates who are willing to show me Wellington.

In conclusion: it will be very hard to leave New Zealand in October. It’s a great experience which I will never forget. Thanks again for arranging this job for me!