Portland District Health

HOT JOBS: Australia’s calling! Portland District Health Board in Victoria are looking for people to fill these roles:

Registered Nurse / Midwife   Senior Medical Officer   Sonographer   Alcohol and Other Drug Counsellor

Tonix Testimonials - real success stories

The Keenan Family

Our decision to move to New Zealand from Canada started about one year ago. I began my search by looking at different countries around the world with job opportunities for ICU nurses. I sent Tonix an email with some general enquiries and we received not a standard email but a phone call in response within 24 hrs. You can imagine the discussions at our house that evening as we tried to sort out if it would really be possible for our family (my husband and three children, ages 7, 9, 12) to move overseas. The recruitment officer from Tonix was extremely helpful from day one. They walked us through each step of the way and let me tell you there were a lot of steps. They offered not only information but support and caring. This continued through the job application, nursing registration, interview process and immigration. Tonix found me a ideal job in the area I was searching for. We encountered some delays obtaining paperwork from the Canadian government which in turn delayed the immigration process for my husband and children. In the end, I came to New Zealand alone to start work and to find us a home to settle in. Tonix continued to be helpful and supportive throughout the wait for us to be reunited as a family. Now that we are together as a family in this fantastic new country all of the steps were definitely worth it. We love it here and what started out as a two year adventure will most likely end up being a permanent move. I can honestly say without the help and support Tonix gave to us from day one we would never have actually made it here to experience this wonderful new life.

The Keenan Family