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Lucy Robinson, RN Paediatrics, Wellington

Hello Everyone…. well I have now been in Wellington for almost 4 weeks. What can i say….apart from Wellington is just amazing! what a great place to live and so different from England!!! the place is stunning and is continuing to amaze me everytime i walk anywhere!! I live a 10 minute walk from the hospital and even though it is winter the walk is lovely…I can’t wait until summer!! I was very lucky in the fact that I had about 12 days from when I landed in Wellington to starting work, which after a direct flight from the UK, I was most grateful for!! there are so many things to do and see in Wellington and New Zealand in general, I can’t wait to explore some other places and hopefully with long weekends off i will get the opportunity to do this.

I started my job on the children’s ward at Wellington Hospital on the 10th August so I’ve just completed my 2nd week. I am still supra numery and I am definately trying to make the most of it! but everyone is really lovely and have made me feel so welcome. It really is a lovely and supportive environment to work in. Which is always a bonus when you’re new to anywhere!!

The process of getting here took a while though!! the hardest bit is getting everything together for you’re nursing registration, but for me once that had started to go through I felt like the whole thing snowballed and everything happened amazingly quick!! and for this I only have Tonix Health Recruitment to thank, I wouldn’t be here without them! Virginia and Heidi were fantastic and helped me every step of the way, and despite being the other side of the world they were always an e-mail away, from the very beginning when I just wanted advice on how to start the whole process right from getting me an interview. For that I will always be grateful.