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For my part I have to say that I missed my family and friends over Christmas for sure, but being homesick? Nope! And even now, I’m not. Probably has something to do that I am happy here! Claire my nursing educator praised me recently, saying that everyone loves me and I shall not even think about leaving.

What shall I tell my parents? Deep inside they know it already though: I don’t want to leave! My colleagues are great and indeed that’s by far the best workplace I have ever worked in. Currently I’m applying for a part-time postgraduate course in nursing at Waikato University.

Well, six months have passed extremely fast and I’ve never been so busy in my life before. Meeting with my or Kristinas work colleagues, exploring the North Island, going tramping or just being lazy at the beach. I love it! The best thing however is Kitesurfing. Gosh, that’s amazing fun! And we even have a German Butcher here, how cool is that? I have to say I hardly miss anything, but my parents and friends (occasionally) a good local british pub and decent beer (which doesn’t give me much of a headache). I can live without the rest! And hey, thanks a lot sending me such a lovely new colleague. Rebecca is a joy working with. Carry on like that!

For now I have to say goodbye.

I can’t thank you enough!