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Richard – To Auckland from the Philippines

Richard from Phillipines - Endorsement

Richard has recently arrived in Auckland to start work at a private surgical hospital. Thanks for sending us your endorsement Richard!

“I am originally from the Philippines, but have been working abroad as a PACU Nurse for 8 years.

Most recently I was working in The Emerald Isle (Ireland) and I thought I had found my place to settle down. I worked for 2 accredited hospitals where I met amazing workmates but also many friends. I travelled and appreciated the beautiful and historic places in Europe for 5 years, but my partner and I wanted a better place to live where we can do outdoor activities and experience more favourable weather in a culture where it feels like there is more work-life balance.

I saw a blog from Jaypee Martin on Facebook. He too had been nursing in Ireland and had transferred to New Zealand. Like me he had undertaken a similar process to move in New Zealand and had done so with TONIX’s help. So I searched more about the agency and Annie gave me the answers that I was looking for especially as our application and move to New Zealand took place in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic.

The Tonix Team was kind and patient!! Now, I am in Auckland, working in a well-known hospital.

Thank you, Annie and all the team behind you that make dreams happen.”