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Cherry enjoys the royal treatment from Emirates

Cherry reported in to Tonix from transit during her flight to New Zealand to work as a PICU RN at Starship Hospital in Auckland. It seems like she quite enjoyed the royal treatment from Emirates, making a long trip feel just a bit shorter!

“I was having a good time enjoying the perks of business class. I had it upgraded just to make sure I observe social distancing during the flight and hope I won’t get the virus.

So, a Mercedes Benz fetched me and drove me to the airport, thanks to the complimentary chauffeur service of Emirates. During my Dublin to Dubai I was the only passenger in my row, had to choose a seat with no one beside me.

Now, I’m waiting for boarding at the business class lounge with only a few people. Hope I would have a chance to see you and personally thank you for all your support. Take care!”

Cherry’s story continues after she arrived at Auckland airport.

“As soon as we arrived at the airport, we had to go through the health check, submitting the form that was given to us on the plane. Our temperatures were checked, we were interviewed and welcomed by a very nice medical team. After this, we had to go through immigration.

I must admit I was still a bit anxious as I only have the visitor’s visa with me and I’m not a returning resident/citizen. However, I was happy that the immigration officer didn’t give me a hard time and just asked to see my passport and the visa, she then asked where I work here in New Zealand. She was so nice as well.

After we got our luggage, there were policemen who gave us instructions as to where to wait for the bus and even advised us to go to the loo if we must as we will be travelling to Rotorua for our managed isolation. The airport staff were very kind to give us refreshments and snacks while waiting for our bus to arrive and we were catered for in batches. They were very accommodating.

As we rode the bus, airport staff helped us with our luggage. Our bus driver gave us a warm welcome with a mike as if he was our tour guide ☺ and gave us some instructions. During the travel, I was so fascinated by the beautiful view, the farms, the lovely houses, the cows and sheep.

We were able to have a stopover at a skydive spot an hour before our final destination to have another loo break and some stretching. There were policemen and some health staff there. Every time someone comes out of the loo, they would clean and spray the area. Very impressive! By the time that we reached the Sudima Lake Hotel, we were fetched by a military officer to again welcome us and give us some instructions.

We stepped out of the bus in bubbles, I was the 2nd to the last person. Inside the hotel, more military officers gave us instructions and passed by health officers and security for more interviews. Then we were given our lunch, some booklets and masks.

Finally, we got our key card from the front desk, they just needed our passports and credit card. Someone assisted me with my luggage towards my room.

I am now on my 3rd day of managed isolation and have just been visited by the medical team to take a Covid test here in my room. New Zealand is indeed a beautiful country with very nice people.