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Sher & Paul

We both cannot believe that this last year has just flown by! We have had the most fantastic time in NZ and finished our jobs in Auckland in January this year. We then subsequently went around the country doing everything we possibly could fit in. Using the temporary contracts and the working holiday visas was just perfect for getting a feel for life on the other side of the word and whether we could make it work. We are extremely confident in making the move completely now (especially returning to the U.K to dreary weather!)

We returned to the U.K yesterday to attend some weddings during the year including our own in September in Portugal and to hopefully prepare for a complete move by selling my house and sorting out belongings of ours etc.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in NZ and have every intention to return. So, we thought we would give you some early notice as we would like to use your services again for a permanent move back to NZ”.