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Stunning wedding of two phenomenal RNAAs

We hope you enjoy this spectacular wedding photo from a very special couple we interviewed in Singapore just last year.

These phenomenal RNAAs have had a whirlwind journey: arriving in New Zealand in Spring, marrying in Queenstown in Summer with enough snow left for a magical backdrop (great planning!), and currently working at Auckland Surgical Centre.

We sent them flowers to celebrate their wedding and their effusive and heartfelt thanks illustrates the incredible calibre of people we’re delighted to be able to help come to New Zealand! Here’s the lovely message we received back:

“Oh dear Kate! You are amaaaaaaaazing! Such a thoughtful act and this is really so sweet of you to send us these loooooovely flowers!
Actually, the flowers are indeed gorgeous but you are really amazing Kate! You just melted our hearts with this kind act and we are forever indebted and grateful to you for being part of our journey.
Words are not enough for us to express our sincerest gratitude for your presence in our lives, now shared lives ❤
Next time we’ll go to Christchurch and we’ll definitely make it a point to see you!
Again, all the superlative thanks 😊
We hope to meet you again at some time, somewhere. Keep in touch and be safe always.
Sending you tight virtual hugs!!!”